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The Music Commission is our help to all local music scenes. We do not interfear with the local professionals and do not look to take over. We act as a support for local scenes to develop, build and maintain localmusic and the scenes that it comes from. 

‚ÄčIf you do not have a NAD Music Commission near you and would like for us to see if we can help yours please contact us so we may get started.

Our "Music Business Resource" Page is no longer just for artists of NAD, but is now available for anyone. If you need help with any aspect of the music business and are motivated to to it for your self, this is the site for you. It shows you all of the resources that we and our artists use on a daily basis. It has helped hundreds of artists get to the next level in the industy and the artists we have passed on to major labels have had great success because of the headstart they had!

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- Sample Digital Press/Promo Kit -

On our National Page you will find the best undiscovered music from across the Uninted States as well as more information about specific services that we can do for you. Many are 100% FREE and there are some that are very cost efective for working artists. We can help you with promotional material such as flyer design, promotional video(for an event or DPK), event ticket design, logo design, brand managment and building, social media and internet presence, tour booking, contract writing, music licensing and placement(to earn royalties), music lessons for all levels.

The Music Commission - Local Support!

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National Amateur Discovery - National Page

Promotional Productions

The Buster is an interactive music blog page. You can either get help and info from the industry's professionals or submit your great information to help other grow and succeed!

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We have a variety of promotional productions we can do for you! The video is a simple digital press/promo kit. If you have what we need then like that video it would only be $100.00 and we can do it for you no matter where you are! We also can do any designing and layouts you may need for logos, websites, event flyers and tickets and more!


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The "N.A.D. Buster" is our Official Blog!

Music Business Resources

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