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Why is the Music Industry Really Down?

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Pay to play. Now isn’t that crazy? This has become a cancer across the music World, but to get around it we need to understand how it started, what allows it to continue, why we feel helpless and where we can change things to help chip away at it.

  Now we all know that the picture attached to this post is true. Musicians put in a lot of time, money and work to be able to pull off a great show for a Venue. Now why is it that the Venue owners think they can force us to sell their tickets to bring in people and be happy not to get any money for that and our performance? We allowed it to start, we allow it to continue, we don’t keep our minds open to options and we don’t hold true to what musicians are best at!

  The other day I was sent a link to a post by a guy that broke down a few things and after reading it I have to agree with him, but that is not where it has to end.

The post I read talked about back in the day, when in L.A., Venues like the Trubador, The Wiskey A Go-Go and others first started to stake a claim on the music industry. They had all the bands playing and all of the Record Label A&R people would go there to check them out. Once the bands started to get signed and becoming famous, the Venues saw this as a way to change the deal. Instead of hiring bands to play they decided to start haveing the bands sell their tickets and even start paying to have that chance to be seen and get signed to a major label.

  Now that was back in the day and, well it was L.A.! Today in local markets across the U.S.A. you find similar “Pay to Play” deals going on, and although in some big markets that may be a benefit for a musician to get seen and signed, it has infected the entire country and do even get me started with what is going on in Europe!

  These days we have the internet to expose our music and the A&R reps. from the major labels can just sit on their phone looking a bands from around the World. They can even do this while in the bathroom leaving last nights dinner. We don’t need the Venues for an outlet to reach out for our dream. Now I love to play out and in the smaller Clubs because I love that close personal feeling and energy.

  Why do we allow this to continue?

When we want to play at a Venue we go to them and try to get booked. They turn around a tell us that, if we don’t have a following yet or it is not big enough for them, that we will have to open for another band that is coming from another city and we will have to sell tikets to get the right to play. We really want to play that Venue so we just back down and say “OK” and forget how the musicians did it back in the day. We give up on the fact that if you practice, rehearse(practice and rehearsal that will be another blog soon) and have great music, we can build a great product that the Venue will have strong need to have us play there. That is what bands back in the day did. They did not play at the big Venues right away. They would find any place they could to play and build up their following. These days we run into so called promoters that don’t do any real promotion. They don’t drive in a crowd to see the bands play, but they do take all of the money for them selves. Now I don’t want anyone to think that I belive promoters are not needed or do a poor job but there are some out there and right now you are thinking of some.

  What ever happened to self promotion? You promote the show for the promoter and headlining band. Why not do it for your self and so you can keep the money?

We forgat that the promoters do not control all of the Venues in town. I know smaller Venues may not have funds to pay you out right and they don’t have tha big name attached to it but what they do have is a Venue that has open space, electricity and drinks for you fans to consume. You bring the music and what more do you need? You just need to create a deal that works for you and this smaller Venue.

  Here at “NAD” we have worked on several markets and have created many different deals that we use with many different Venues and we always pack out our shows. Some of the secrets that NAD has inside its “Music Business Resource” site help to come up with these deals.

It is time for us as the music family to stand up and make sure we are treated right. It is time to get back to the old days and sell the deal so we can get booked and paid for what we love to do!

NAD Team - Dec. 21, 2016

Pay To Play?

What you talking about


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​​Ok we have all heard about the web, digital music and downloads that have hurt the music Industry and until recently were down in revenue compared to past years.
I beg to differ on this!

The popular genres and the stuff the Industry has put out, is has mostly been crappy music, over the past years. Come on! There has not been any iconic music recently from as far back as the mid 90’. Now we have had the electronica music take over for several years and Cold Play at the superbowl? WOW shut my mouth and call me posser! It seems to be like the 80’s hairband era after the disco era. What happened after that?

Grundge! Yes grundge the rebirth of the real rock. Rooted in punk with the rebelious edge Rock-N-Roll is know for. After that music quality has declined. Look at Country, it has not felt the same decline in revenue as compaired to the mainstreem music World. Is Rock dead? Hell no! Rock is here and will soon rise back to the top and we predict arena/guitar rock will be back soon. Much like Metallica’s “Black” albun has stayed on the charts for over 360 weeks(that’s almost 7 years on the re-release), Rock-N-Rol is always there and does not truly fade

It is the quality of music the guides the sales of albums. Now the digital World does affect it, but the only way to get the online sales to grow expotentialy is to put out better music. It is time for music labels too.

We see bands like "Highly Suspect"! They have done great coming out of the trnches of music, with.

FB Likes- 43,42
Twitter followers - 11.3K
YouTube subscribers - 24,795
Soundcloud Followers - 4,951
Ingtagram - 19.4K Followers

They earned the right to many opportunities!

We will see where they fall but the played at the grammies!
That is the awardshow of your musician friends.

OK 10,000 hours to be really good at something? Yes but only in the things that matter! Yes you need to have iconic musicians in your band.

Yes you need to write iconice songs.
Yes you need to have great recordings.
Yes you need a break.
But when will you work to earn it?

You may be great musicians?
You may have recorded it great?
You may have many followers?
But are they connected together?

Yes the Music Industry has changed but the majors did not change and did not see the importance of the web. The Indie record companies from the 90’s did not have a long life but it helped the indie music of today.

That has exploded the need for real music!

If you understood the 15, 20, 25 year cycle in music and fashion and how it works you would see that we are in for some great music over the next 5-15 years.

The National Amateur Discovery’s page “Music Business Resources” teaches you this and more. You can get in for one Month for only five bucks right now!

NAD Team - Jan 9th, 2017

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