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We got a chance to ask the Band CRASH a few questions as they are doing some things that not only go along with those Industry secrets, but they also are taking who they are on the road soon and well, They Rock!

CRASH has been around for many years. They have gone through changes as they developed their current line-up and Genre! Sounding like they just got here from the Mid '80's they blend a strong driving metal with the look of the leather clad gutter glam days and it takes you back to when the music World was on fire from all of the Rock and Metal out there!

From there older songs like "Shot of Gasoline", "Black Hearted Rebel" and "Metal To Metal" there was a heavy Bon Scott AC/DC sound but have evolved once again with there recent songs "Wrong Side of the Cage" and "Running With the Wolves" that you can find on their ReverbNation Page!

​Question - Are you guys working on new music?


Answer- Yes we're still writing new material as well as recording our first album.

​Question - Why are you so passionate about music?


Answer- Music has always been a refuge for many, it can give a sense of purpose to some, and is always a positive outlet. Each of us in Crash are here because music has such a big impact in our lives, that we want to give the experience to as many people as possible.

                                                                                                                    These guys are young and hungry. They play                                                                                                                    anywhere they can and if you saw from the Tour                                                                                                              Schedule, are headed to California for the first time and we are sure it will not be their last!

           So get out and see them and be sure to wear and extra belt to help Keep you pants on!


Music is a funny thing. It's style comes and goes. The Industry uses some specific guides to build and project what the next big fad will be. It's pretty simple and easy to see if you truly look at everything with an open mind!

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​Question - How long have you guys been doing music?

Answer- We've all been making a racket of some sort since childhood. We all knew we'd be in a band when we'd grow up, and while we haven't achieved the growing up part, we're having a blast now that we've achieved the band part!

​Question - What is your Favorite Lyric of your and why?


Answer- "Already on your knees, your mouth is full of ...", because at the end of the day isn't this what everyone's wanting? ((( Laughs )))

​Question - What are your plans for future shows? Where are you going to be playing?


Answer- To make them even more entertaining for our fans and the crowd. We'll be playing Cali for a week and then we'll be back home to tear up the scene once again at any and every venue that will have us.

​Question - Who is your Favorite local band?


Answer- Shoutout to our buddies in Arsonkill! \m/ Check them out here:

​Question - We love your energy on stage. Do you ever get tired?


Answer- Never get tired of Rock n' Roll. Seriously though, we do get a bit fatigued after a good show, but we always take the time to hangout with the fans afterwards.

​Question - What is your favorite Lyric from someone else? Why?


Answer- "You don't want no nine to five Your fingers to the bone" I wanna be somebody by W.A.S.P., because it's the one line from that song that speaks to me... We don't want to stay behind a desk, we want to rock your panties off!

                                                                        ​Question - Explain your shows and why you came up with your                                                                                                               direction.

                                                                         Answer- We chose to play they way we do because we noticed that a

                                                                                              lot of bands these days just stand in place and look like they just got back from grocery shopping, and overall aren't very engaging to the audience. We didn't like that, so we decided to make every show a party!

​Question - What was the best show you have ever played?


Answer- Speaking Rock when we got to open up for Faster Pussycat, that was a blast. The place was packed and the crowd awesome. Hanging with some of the guys (from Faster Pussycat) backstage after the show was awesome too! They are some great guys.

Question - What are your plans for the future of your music?

Answer- To play awesome shows all over the place. Rock the whole damn world dude.

Question - What are your influences and

Who would you like to play with, why?

Answer- "MÖTLEY CRUE, Motorhead,

W.A.S.P., Cinderella, and Steel Panther

are are definitely our main influences

concerning our sound and image". That was​ a great time in metal and we love it! "We'd love to play with Steel Panther since they have such a great stage presence and performance".

​Question - Where do you see music going?


Answer- We see music getting more intense as society gets more intense. What we want to do is give everyone a chance to unwind and enjoy themselves and each other!

​Question - Where can people find you guys? Your Links?


Answer- Find us on Facebook

                                   on Instagram 

                 and now on ReverbNation

        Come hit us up guys and girls!

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